With nearly 30 years of experience in communication & marketing, Sandrine Doppler has developed an expertise recognized by food sector players. She has created a network of skills with which she leads her missions on the food transition.

She has created around her a network of skills with which she conducts her missions around the food transition.
Integrate the food transition into the building of the brand to create a new customer experience for a consumer in "quest for meaning".

I put my skills at the disposal of private and public actors of the ecosystem in connection with food to anticipate the food transition, in order to build a more sustainable food.

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Project Focus

Diagnosis, advice, workshops, design thinking
mentoring and coaching

Diagnosis, advice, workshops, design thinking, mentoring and coaching


    Do you need long-term support and advice?
  • Prioritize projects according to your company's or institution's strategy.

  • What are the stakes of the food transition for your company and your organizations?

  • How to create a dynamic ecosystem for sustainable food!

  • Identify areas / opportunities for growth

  • Assess / Validate their feasibility

  • Define the action plan

  • How to communicate on the process

Creativity and design thinking workshops

    Boost the creativity of your teams
  • Stimulate creativity to find marketing solutions

  • Transforming creative ideas into growth projects for the company

  • Manage individual and collective creativity on a daily basis

"Here, we are not looking for good ideas, we are trying to create the right conditions to bring them to light. »


    You already have a strategy and you want to challenge it?
  • "In-house" workshop animations, where your strategy is confronted with the knowledge and know-how of Sandrine and her team.

  • A quick diagnosis

  • A very precise roadmap at the end of the session

Mentoring and coaching

  • An innovative project within your company?

  • Support the company and its employees at all stages of project validation

  • Create the internal circuit to facilitate project implementation

  • Help to enhance the value of the initiative internally and externally


Innovation Focus

An accelerated go-to-market

An accelerated go-to-market

To rally energies around a project, a common goal... Innovate and imagine a more sustainable food!

Innovation is a race against time. Time is a determining factor in success, legitimizing the use of open innovation and professionals/start-ups who know how to reconcile the qualities of strategists, watchmen, creators and entrepreneurs innovation.

    The 3 benefits for a successful innovation

  • 1. A new, more strategic product / service

  • 2. Richer and more relevant creativity

  • 3. An optimized launch mix and an accelerated "go to market"


Strategy Focus

Digital, content or brand strategy

Digital, content or brand strategy

Digital & content strategy

    How to communicate on your strategy?
  • Who to talk to? Which channel? What content?

  • How to create animate and retain your community?

  • Definition and implementation of the digital brand strategy

Brand Strategy

  • Create and bring to life your approach

  • Brand Experience / Customer Experience

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand content

  • Brand platform

  • Graphic identity

  • Motion and video

  • Creative and editorial identity

  • 3

    Focus Prospective

    Business intelligence, Eductour and Food exploration program

    Business intelligence, Eductour and Food exploration program

      Business Intelligence
    • Identification of weak and strong signals

    • Monitoring and benchmarking your activity

    • Decrypting and analysing trends

      Eductour and learning expedition
    • Need for a broad and accurate view of trends

    • What are the "good practices" in sustainable food abroad?

    • Exploration trips (learning expeditions) of international points of sale (supermarkets, organic stores, new concepts...)

    • Exploration of BtoB trade fairs with detailed reports

    • on innovations and trends on ingredients (Vitafoods, HIE, Supply Side...)

    • On food innovations (SIAL...)


    Horeca Focus

    Sustainable food as a source of sales growth

    Sustainable food as a source of sales growth

    Sustainable food as a source of revenue growth for restaurateurs

      Create and support your identity
    • Decrypting Trends vs Opportunities

    • Turning trends into growth opportunities

    • Delivery of a roadmap

    • Personalized development according to the project (organic, gluten-free, locavore, food waste, vegetarian ...)